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Importance and Value of Vendor Diversity

Macy’s Strategic Plan for Diversity

Why is Macy’s Offering This Program For Diverse-owned Vendors?

With stores located in the most diverse markets in the nation as well as online, it's essential for Macy’s to have a strategic plan for diversity:

  • To serve and connect with diverse customers
  • Create a diverse workforce
  • Foster an inclusive work environment where different perspectives are valued
  • Partner to share our time, talent, and resources with our communities
  • Maintain access for the continued development of a diverse vendor network
  • Communicate values
  • Grow sales and profit by capturing the buying power of a diverse market

The “Go-To” Destination for Shoppers

The Workshop at Macy’s and our Supplier Diversity Program help us present distinctive assortments of unique merchandise in our stores – setting us apart from the competition and making our stores the “go-to” destination for shoppers wanting fresh and exciting choices. Additionally, working with a wide spectrum of vendors helps Macy’s support the economic health of the communities where we do business. 

As a premier omnichannel retailer, Macy’s has long been recognized for its commitment to fostering the promotion, growth and development of its vendor resources, including diverse-owned enterprises.

Seeking Qualified Vendors

We continually look for qualified new vendors of goods and services and we strongly encourage interest from potential vendors through our nationally recognized Supplier Diversity Program, which is open to U.S.-based diverse, women, veteran, and LGBTQ -owned enterprises who meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

Making A Difference Since 2011

The Workshop at Macy’s, our company’s first business development program, was launched in 2011 to foster growth in the next generation of diverse-owned merchandise suppliers. Conducted annually, this program is a foundational element of our commitment to vendor diversity.

More Than $1.8 in Contribution to the US Economy

In 2018, Macy’s spend with diverse businesses contributed $1.8 billion to the US economy and sustained almost 10,800 jobs.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Diversity

As Macy’s accelerates its level of innovation and leadership through new ideas and fresh thinking, we continue to fuel the growth and development of the communities we serve through our supplier diversity and business development programs – a win-win strategy critical to business success. Our commitment resonates throughout our company, starting at the top with Macy’s, Inc.’s CEO Jeff Gennette.

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