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Our mission

The Workshop at Macy’s is the retail industry’s longest running vendor accelerator program dedicated exclusively to diverse -, Women -, LGBTQ-, persons with disabilities- & veteran-owned enterprises. We select high potential entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools they need to scale their businesses. Through a comprehensive retail curriculum and mentoring program from Macy’s, Inc.’s top executives and industry partners, The Workshop at Macy’s sets the stage for the next level of sustained growth for underrepresented retail businesses.

Creating pathways for entrepreneurs

At Macy’s, Inc., we are on a mission to build a brighter future with bold representation for all. As a company we are strongest when we fully represent the communities we serve. Expanding the breadth and uniqueness of our assortment through programs like The Workshop at Macy’s, ensures that we are nurturing diverse talent in our industry, and creating opportunities for our customers to support the next generation of diverse and women-owned businesses.

We identify diverse and women-owned entrepreneurs in several ways, including through business accelerators – The Workshop at Macy’s and STORY – in addition to our Business Diversity Programs, open calls and partnerships. New retail models and meaningful presence in our various distribution channels – in stores, online and on our mobile apps – provide varied opportunities for distribution for diverse suppliers. In the fall of 2022, we launched S.P.U.R. Pathways: Shared Purpose, Unlimited Reach, a multifaceted funding program to advance entrepreneurial growth, close wealth gaps and shatter systemic barriers faced by underrepresented businesses by providing access to capital resources that will advance the next generation of suppliers.

Through our enterprise-wide social purpose platform – Mission Every One – Macy’s, Inc. builds on our company’s heritage of corporate citizenship and to achieve positive societal change. We are transforming our business from a position of legacy to one of leadership. In this evolution, we are focused on leveraging our scale, our culture and unique strengths to contribute to the common good and create meaningful change.

Through Mission Every One, Macy’s, Inc. will direct $5 billion of the company’s spend, scaling through 2025, to the partners, products, people, and programs that help create a more equitable and sustainable future. We’re increasing our investment in underrepresented designers, brands, and business partners both with retail and non-retail diverse-owned businesses.

In addition to enhancing our product offerings, the impact of our strategy across all areas of our business makes a difference in sustaining diverse and women-owned enterprises and the communities in which we collectively operate.

We remain committed to Mission Every One’s ongoing evolution and goal of creating a brighter future with bold representation for all. I am energized by the dedication of colleagues who are creating that brighter future every day and for everyone. To our customers, communities, and other stakeholders, you have my pledge that diversity, equity and inclusion will continue to be business imperatives at Macy’s, Inc. aligned with our priorities and values and integrated into all areas of our company.

Nata Dvir
Chief Merchandising Officer

Mission Every one

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At Macy’s, Inc., we’re on a mission to create a brighter future with bold representation for all.
We call it Mission Every One.

It’s our commitment to use our business and brands to tackle the barriers to representation so, together, we can realize the potential of every one of us. We’ll direct $5 billion of our spend by 2025 to our people, partners, products and programs to create a more equitable and sustainable future—and empower more voice, choice and ownership.

Because the history of progress shows that when people feel confident to own their story and pursue their dreams, they change the narrative for everyone.

Making a real impact

Making a real impact

The value of those partnerships cannot be overstated. In 2022, Macy’s financial commitments with diverse businesses helped contribute $1.4 billion to the US economy, and sustained over 6,366 jobs.

Fostering the next generation of diverse-owned merchandise suppliers

Fostering the next generation of diverse-owned merchandise suppliers

For nearly a decade, The Workshop at Macy’s has elevated, supported and helped to foster the growth of the next generation of diverse-owned merchants and vendors. As America’s Department Store, we serve the most diverse customer base in the world, and we believe that our business is stronger by making sure that the products and assortments we offer cater directly to those customers.