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Cenia Paredes

Cenia New York Founder Cenia Paredes

Cenia New York Founder and Designer Cenia Paredes offers advice to Workshop applicants.

A Day-Into-Evening Dress Line for All Body Types

Cenia ParedesDesigner Cenia® Paredes grew up in a family dedicated almost entirely to the fine art of dressmaking in her native Dominican Republic. Her mother was a custom seamstress, and Paredes started designing for her mother’s customers at a very early age.

Paredes’ mother often had to deal with the difficult situation of having a customer request a dress that was being made for another customer and expect it to look the same way on her even though they had different body types! Paredes would then redesign the dress to make sure it flattered that specific figure. “How great would it be able to offer this solution to the ready-to-wear market!” thought Paredes.

Since then, Paredes has developed her distinctive fit concept. After having the opportunity to come to America, Paredes graduated Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 2004. She then worked in New York's competitive fashion district for various renowned brands, but always kept her dream of designing her own line as her ultimate goal.

In 2009, Paredes launched Cenia Paredes®, a day-into-evening dress line that takes pride in its quality. It blends modern, clean aesthetics and sophistication with a revolutionary fit concept that offers four distinctive fits catering to the most predominant female body shapes. It also includes collections created exclusively to flatter and complement each body type. The company has since rebranded as Cenia New York.

Paredes believes clothing should be designed with the type of figure it would flatter in mind and always knew that she wanted to design a clothing line that not only represented her vision and design sensibility, but that would also help women look their best no matter what shape they are.

When designing Cenia® New York® collections, Paredes takes the body shape into consideration in every step of the design development process – from the initial concept, to sketching, pattern making, fittings and production.

Learn more on the Cenia New York website.